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Why Outsourcing Can Be Good for Your Web Design Agency

Why Outsourcing Can Be Good for Your Web Design Agency

When it comes to web design projects, the term “outsourcing” is sprinkled with a lot of negative connotations. Mention it and your clients will probably think that you assign the project to a less competent team located halfway across the world. From business perspectives, outsourcing is one of strategic decisions to get everything done faster without overworking employees. A lot of big website design agencies outsource their projects and come out with flawless results.

At least for agencies based in the U.S. and U.K., the most common countries/regions to outsource projects are India, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, and South America. As a rule of thumb, those agencies need to outsource teams of designers living in a country where the workforce is more affordable. They will only outsource projects if there is still good profit margin in it.

Should You Outsource Projects?

 There are many reasons to outsource projects from the lack of in-house professionals, overwhelming demands, to incapacitate employees. In the absent of resource, outsourcing can be excellent ideas as long as you hire the right team. Website-building industries are filled with 3 major professions including:


  • Website designer: a professional who deals with layout, fonts, colors, graphics, and basically all visual treatments on a website. This is the professional you need.


  • Website developer: someone who takes care of the website’s technical aspects such as applications, shopping carts, payment gateways, interactive features, etc.


  • Internet marketer: a marketing agent who helps to drive traffics and increase website popularity.


It is, however, not uncommon to come across a team consisting of professionals to cover those 3 categories; even a single person possibly has the knowledge to cover all skill sets. The most important thing is that you know what you actually need so you can narrow down the search to an effective parameter. Once you find a number of competent website designers, choose one/a team with proven track records and good communication skills as well. You want the design to be both attractive and useful; the only way to figure out if the design fulfills those purposes is by having a demonstration with prototypes. During the presentation, the actual designers must be able to demonstrate and communicate the designs in a language you understand. Visually-attractive website is good, but you also want everything to be usable and easy to understand.


Please remember that different countries have different working standards and access to technologies. Cultural differences for examples work hours, public holidays, and acceptable deadlines must be put into account, too. In the event that the website design project involves home country’s cultural aspects, outsourcing the work to a local team is the most viable option; you have lower profit margin, but at least the job will be properly done.


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