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Random House

UX + Design
About This Project

WAV was asked by book publisher Penguin Random House to collaborate into launching the very first Author Portal in the United Kingdom: an author-focused website providing data on sales, training content, and news. 

The key to this project’s success was to put all stakeholders (end-users, author and their agents, and the workers at Penguin Random House) at the center of our attention. This allowed us to gain a solid understanding of the industry’s needs, after which we created ten focus groups with around 75 users. This process gave us 25 hours of recorded interviews, which guided our initial recommendations regarding functionality and user journeys. While shaping annotated wireframes, individual and group user testing took place in order to form the key user flows and information architecture of the site. Following its launch in October, our cooperation with Random House continues, aiming to evolve the Author Portal by incorporating feedback from its users.